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Seriously Sub-Zero Training Session

As they get closer to starting their journey of a lifetime, watch how the LeasePlan team get to grips with the sort of temperatures they will soon be experiencing.

Expedition Leader Debra Searle MVO, MBE said:

Performing well in temperatures below – 20°C is a challenge so it was invaluable for the LeasePlan team to get to practice putting up tents and exercising in these temperatures with the aid of Tesco’s freezer warehouse. It was quite an eye opener for all the ladies in the team but they managed superbly.

Today was a huge step forward for our team as it was the first time that many of us had endured such freezing temperatures. Everyone’s self-belief rocketed throughout the day and we can’t wait to get to the Arctic to achieve everything we’ve set out to

It’s not every day that business women spend the day in a deep freeze. It’s not every day that companies like LeasePlan do something so radical for diversity and inclusion. I’m so thrilled to be leading this project.