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The Challenge

In April 2015, 12 women from LeasePlan UK are taking on the challenge of our lives. We will be undertaking a 100km ski-trek of Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle in temperatures averaging -15 degrees. The 18-day trip will be led by professional adventurer and gender equality advocate, Debra Searle MVO MBE.

We really want you to share the experiences of our journey… our training, the fun, the fear … so this blog will give you a personal insight into our preparations and the trip itself.

Nobody taking part has ever experienced an adventure like this before. Our group consists of women like your sisters, wives, friends, mothers, girlfriends, daughters … we are the mum playing with her children in the park, the presenter in the meeting you attended, the runner who passed you in the street. Ordinary women proving that anyone can do something extraordinary given the support, the belief, the opportunity.

The expedition is part of LeasePlan’s diversity and inclusion initiative that aims to challenge the unconscious bias we all carry with us. Our team wants to put in the spotlight the issue of gender diversity and strip away stereotypical views about the roles we take in life and what we are all capable of achieving with a strong sense of self-belief.